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“ALL FOR LIBERTY” is the winner of nine international film festival awards, as well two awards from SC Sons of the American Revolution and First Prize in Media from The Lady Washington Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution! This film was funded by donors to our non-profit South Carolina company, Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina and we are continuing to build our Cast & Crew Find to honor all deferments of those who sacrificed over five years to make this film… (SEE Store Page for Donations)
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HIGH ACCLAIM FOR “ALL FOR LIBERTY” Award-winning feature film…
"…realistic action...beautifully filmed…a reminder of how easy it is for freedom to be lost...this excellent film has something for everyone."
Hugh Harrington, free-lance film critic, Georgia

“Based on true events...will leave you feeling good about America's hard-fought war for independence. Played wonderfully by Clarence Felder, Henry Felder with a twinkle in his eye but dead serious when it comes to freedom...His wife is vividly and well-played by Chris Weatherhead...We award our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to the movie for ages twelve plus.”
Edwin L. Carpenter, Dove Foundation Worldview Review, Michigan

"....a rare jewel…beautifully shot feature film…a true story of inspiring adventure and unique heroism of universal appeal to anyone, anywhere in the world..."
Urs T. Brunner, CEO, Angel & Bear Productions, Bangkok, Thailand.

“…a genuine Revolutionary War hero…Clarence Felder portrays his valiant German-Swiss ancestor with charisma… Outstanding sound by Jeffrey Stern and music by Anthony DeRitis…authentically captures battle scenes with perfection.”
Sandy Katz, Free-lance Entertainment Journalist, South Carolina

“Far from being just for history buffs, this is a great film, period.”
Jack Hunter, National Columnist

"...this rare, wonderful film needs to be seen by all Christian families to know whatgreat sacrifices were made for freedom and liberty and to create our nation..."
Norma T. Hall, former Methodist Sunday school teacher, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

“…an outstanding example of what independent film producers can do… beautifully photographed, emotionally moving and historically accurate tribute to an unknown hero of the American Revolution. “
Michael C. Scoggins, Author & Director, Southern Revolutionary War Institute Bravo

"... On every level, a tight, enticing and entertaining film. Good plot, characters, great visuals and sound, excellent acting and all historical aspects so real and accurate!”
LT. Col. F. Lee Reynolds, 222nd Broadcast Ops Detachment, part of American Forces Network

“Rarely does a movie brings true values and sacrifices that made America great and free. All For Liberty makes me proud of my American heritage… a reminder that freedom is not free!”
Buck Carlton CAPT US NAVY (Ret)

“…dynamic portrayal of the courage, commitment, and sacrifice of our forefathers to ensure God given freedoms and values would prevail…”
Myron C. Harrington Jr., Col. USMC Ret., Vietnam Veteran
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