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ROB GORMAN as "John Felder"

Rob Gorman was nominated four times by the Young Artist Foundation in Hollywood for his work as a young actor in numerous films, TV movies and prime time series during the 1980's and 90ís. He is best known for his roles in The Accidental Tourist (w/ Bill Hurt), Forever Young (w/ Mel Gibson), Rookie of the Year (w/ John Candy), Stephen Kingís Sometimes They Come Back, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, Leprechaun, among others. Movies of the Week credits include Mr. Nanny, Deception: A Mother's Secret, Where Pigeons Go to Die and The Flockens.

Rob was a series regular on Falcon Crest (as Michael Channing), Home Court (as Marshall), and as Paul on Joe's Life. His many other television credits as a guest star include Empty Nest, Full House, Quantum Leap, and My Sister Sam.

Mr. Gormanís recent film work includes the George Clooney film Leatherheads and television guest starring roles on Surface and One Tree Hill. Rob is also a co-owner of Creative Forge Production Company in Charleston, SC, where he is raising capital to produce films.