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JIM SAWGRASS as “Sawgrass”

Jim Sawgrass is a native Floridian and Muskogee descendant, but he portrays in “ALL FOR LIBERTY” a Catawba scout for the American patriots, as he has vast information and understanding about the many Southeastern tribes of the US. He has shared his skills and knowledge all over the southeast for the past two decades to groups of all ages, performing at re-enactments, schools, churches, libraries, and civic groups. His group, Deep Forest Historical Native American Program has a culture presentation for everyone.

Sawgrass enjoys sharing his knowledge and has done much to enlighten and inform other cultures about Native Americans. Jim currently works with his son, Cody, and they are well respected in Native American circles for their knowledge, experience and skills at presenting history of the Southeastern Indian tribes. Visit, www.jimsawgrass.com

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